pix (piks) n. var. pl. of PIC.  Slang.  1. A photograph.

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Contacts & Links
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Web sites we like:

www.noxenpa.com - The web site for our hometown, Noxen, PA

www.citizensvoice.com - The newspaper for which Mark works

www.guard.com - The Workers' Compensation Insurance Company for which Melissa works

www.autismsafe.org - A northeast PA organization offering support to families touched by autism

www.unlockingautism.org/main.asp - A national organization for autism

www.thebreastcancersite.com - Learn about breast cancer and help fund mammograms

www.m-w.com - Merriam-Webster dictionary online

dict.leo.org - A great German-English dictionary

www.thesaurus.com - Thesaurus online

www.htmlgoodies.com - Tips and tricks in HTML

javascript.internet.com - Tips and tricks in JavaScript

www.accuweather.com - Just put your zip code in and get your 15-day forecast





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